Art by Zinx | Artwork by Cheryl Walker

About Me

Zimbabwean Born, Cheryl (now living in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa) was educated mainly in Kenya where she was exposed to Wild Life and the vast plains of Mother Africa from a very young age.

She was privileged to have visited all the most enchanting Game Reserves in East Africa and that has been the basis for her love of the peaceful African bush and all its inhabitants.

She says that the excitement, the smells, the texture and especially the `tranquility of the African bush will touch your very soul` .. if you will allow it.

Since retiring from the corporate world she now paints full time ... and of course … the subjects she passionately focuses on are Wild Life and African Portraiture. The inspiration for which is mostly taken from photographs she has taken herself as well as those from special friends who frequent the bush.

Although her works are an `oil on white canvas modern presentation` she attempts to capture the very essence of every animal – from a glistening eye, a panting mouth and a powerful muscle structure (especially that of the leopard).

Her paintings hang in South African lodges as well as in local and overseas visitors’ homes and offices.   Several works have been exhibited privately and some are exhibited in various Art Galleries within South Africa.

Individually selected works have been commissioned for Honorary Awards for the World Federation of Chiropractic and these have been taken back to America, Canada and Korea.

In remembrance of her parents - few know that her art is captured under the name ‘Art by Zinx’. The 'Zinx' was a nickname given to her by her late mum and dad - the origin unknown. So, in their memory “as it was with them that she spent many hours in the East African bush” - and especially for her dad who was her main art critic’, she uses it fondly where ever she can.