African Wild Dog - SOLD Walking off the Canvas - African Elephants
1.8m x 0.88m
SOLD Still waters - Zebra drinking from a water hole
SOLD Stalking - Painted from a photograph of a leopard crouching, stalking it's prey
SOLD Catching the rays - Cheetah relaxing in the sun. Painted from photo courtesy of Cheetah rehabSOLD Henrietta Hippo - Hippo - beautiful but extremely dangerous! Painted from Photo courtesy of B Bromfield.SOLD A Leopards Tale - Leopard, Painted from photo taken by my friend,  Angie Lang, KrugerSOLD Checking out the neighbourhood - SOLD Wild Elegance 2 - Textured OriginalSOLD Baby Cheetah - Taken in Nambiti Sanctuary for CheetahSOLD Rare Solitude - Wild dogs live in packs.  This photograph was a rare occurence.  Beautiful to paint.SOLD A very lazy day in Africa - Painting from a photograph taken in Kruger Park.SOLD The boys are back in town - Painted from photos I took in at Tala Game Reserve, KwaZulu Natal. A fun view of these male ostrich showing their huge eyes and stunning eyelashes.SOLD The boys are back in town 2 - Painted from photos I took in at Tala Game Reserve, KwaZulu Natal. A fun view of these male ostrich showing their huge eyes and stunning eyelashes.SOLD Me and my mum - Painted from photograph taken in Hluhluwe. Baby zebra are very fluffy for some months after birth.SOLD Wild Elegance - A Kudu, photographed in a KwaZulu Natal Reserve. These truly elegant creatures have the most majestic horns and soft brown eyes.SOLD Heron - SOLD Gentle Giant - These beautiful creatures are so trusting of mankind (sadly).   This particular chap, a white rhino, was grazing with five others surrounding our vehicle in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve.SOLD Gentle Giant II - Yet another Rhino photographed in Hluhluwe. so gentle and trusting of mankind.SOLD Leopard Watching - This was painted from photographs taken of a leopard in Mashatu, Botswana.   . . Further is a painting of the same leopard stalking its prey . . .SOLD Leopard one - This handsome chap was painted from a photograph taken at Mashatu, Botswana.    I believe you should 'feel' the animal as you paint - so hope I have captured the element of his 'panting' in this one.SOLD Jimmy - as children we always nicknamed giraffe ' Jimmy giraffe '.  They are such elegant creatures sauntering along like models on the runway.  The most beautiful eyes . . . and oh those eyelashes !SOLD Leopard Stalking - Here he is again  . .  eyes fixed on what ? . . .  the motion of attack beginning !SOLD Zebbie - Zebbie, painted from a photo of a Zebra in the Hluhluwe Game Park, KwaZulu Natal, SAfrica. Cropped and close up to show how majestic these seemingly dull animals actually are.SOLD Lavery - A study of a Retired Race Horse, way past his primeSOLD Prayer - Portraying a man in prayer amid worldly turmoil - finding serenity and absolute Peace.A painting of strength and humbleness.SOLD Leopard in the shadows of night - SOLD Leopard - SOLD African Elegance - African Elegance.     I have changed the initial painting with a new oil on canvas - this time giving this beautiful lady the African dread-locks.     This giving here a more ethnic look.SOLD Thandi - A shy little Zulu girl, with the traditional plaited braided hair.SOLD Little BaiMametsi - This is a beautiful little Sotho girl.  Her features are absolutely stunning, the little button nose, wide innocent almost sad eyes and perfect rose mouth.   A dream of a portrait to paint.SOLD Anna - A beautiful Somali Woman, something of shyness or is it sadness.SOLD Cheetah - Painted in Oil as part of a series.  These Cheetah were photographed at a Cheetah Sanctuary in the Hluhluwe area, KwaZulu Natal, South AfricaSOLD I Am - What more fitting than Lazy afternoon - SOLD Close Up - A fun closeup of a young leopard - done in Oil.  The textured effect of the subject glistens under a spotlight.SOLD Looking at you - A fun view of a baby ZebraSOLD Old Man - This wonderful old man is dressed in traditional wear to keep out the freezing cold in the Maluti Mountains.   The wooden stick - to aid his walking through the hills ( Materials  : Graphic pencil on card )SOLD
I Am - What more fitting than

I Am

What more fitting than "I Am" - King. Composition in Oils'  taken from reference of Lion in the Nairobi Game Park, Kenya  - this magnificent chap is almost hug-able. 


Oil on Canvas
600mm(w) x 800mm(h)